Ivy Options is a boutique, highly personalized University Admissions Service catering to parents and students who seek top placement among the most outstanding and highly recognized universities in the United States and around the Globe.





Consultation – 60 minutes

The initial consultation is 60 minutes and consists of an in-depth interview with the student and the student’s family, preferably in person, but also available by telephone or Skype. During the meeting, we will review the student’s transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activities, and life experiences and discuss how each of these components will be evaluated by college admissions officers. We will discuss how students can build on their strengths and interests in order to put their best foot forward in the classroom and on college applications.

The consultation is summarized with a report identifying the student’s strengths and goals, a strategic plan for the admissions process, and recommendations for follow-up as appropriate.



Personalized Summer Tour

Each year, Ivy Options travels with a select group of students to tour the campuses of a variety of United States universities. This gives students the opportunity to see a side of these universities that cannot be experienced online. It enables them to see whether they feel they would fit in and enjoy attending a given university and introduces them to universities they might not have considered otherwise.


These tours provide students with a ‘behind the scenes’ understanding of the undergraduate admissions process, allowing them to return home with a clear strategy for maximizing their admissions success. These tours also help students to write genuine essays that clearly convey why each university fits well with their academic interests. During the tours, we visit with university staff, athletic coaches, current university students and alumni, giving our students insights that they could never gain from websites or campus tours alone. Students who have participated in a tour found that it made a clear difference in their confidence in choosing their university lists and in writing strong supplemental essays about their schools.

The universities visited during our 2015 Summer Tour were: Harvard University, Tufts University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Boston University, Babson College, Bentley University, Brown University, Yale University, New York University, Vasser College, Fordham University, Columbia University, Barnard College, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Swarthmore College, Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University, American University, and Georgetown University. Our 2016 West Coast tour included: University of California Berkely, Stanford University, Santa Clara University, California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, UC Santa Barbara, Pepperdine University, UCLA, Occidental College, Pomona College, Loyola Marymount, UC Irvine, Chapman University, UC San Diego, and University of San Diego.




Unique SAT/ACT Preparation


For our SAT and ACT preparation courses, we use an innovative combination of online software and hard copy study guide. This allows us to quickly hone in on the areas of weakness for each individual and focus on improving scores in a more strategic manner. We bring in experts in mathematics, grammar, science (ACT) and critical reading in order to maximize your success on the SAT or ACT exam. We supplement our teaching with official exam diagnostics every other Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Our philosophy is different from other test prep companies in Dubai. We focus on improving students’ core content knowledge and strategic approach. Students have unlimited access to our classes and online materials over the course of the entire academic year. We work with each student individually to ensure that he or she achieves the highest score possible on the exam best suited to his or her respective strengths. If a student is unsure of which test is the best suited for his or her abilities, Ivy Options can help navigate the selection process.

New classes start in January and September. Spaces are limited and are offered on a first-come first-served basis; please contact info@ivyoptions.com for more information.