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“Ivy Option’s SAT prep course was most definitely helpful in my SAT journey, most notably through its extensive focus on diagnostics.”

“Very helpful one-on-one assistance with every step of the college application program. It taught me skills that I will need for many other moments in my life – not only in applying to college.”

“Mary Ellen was always willing to help me; she was very approachable and kind. Without her guidance, I would never have made it into as many universities as I did!”

“I would recommend Ivy Options to any student who wants to maximize his or her potential at college applications in an efficient and stress free (or as stress free as possible) way.”

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“Ivy Options was such a vital aspect to my college app process. The quality of help was so reassuring and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way.”

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“Ivy Options offered me personalized attention towards developing and presenting the best possible version of myself.”

“I haven’t met a more caring and genuine person who really cares about every single person she works with; everyone should be so grateful for Mary Ellen!”





“The extremely professional, caring, and genuine one-on-one time with the student from start to finish is what made the process so easy. The stress was alleviated completely for both student and parent which is so important especially during their last year living at home. A great service which facilitates the application process and aids them in making the correct decisions which suit them best.”

“I found the program was a good value for the money: a very professional program with ample opportunities for classroom time as well as off line and with mock tests. Mary Ellen was very accessible and a source of great counsel for parents as well as students.”

“Mary Ellen Simoni is a professional who has a great rapport with her students. She enables them to find their gifts and to integrate them into their extracurricular activities and academic studies. She was an integral part of our daughter’s personal and academic successes. We highly recommend Ivy Options.”

“Mary Ellen is an amazing counselor. She is so invested in her students, understands and accommodates them, and is always very positive and encouraging.”

“We loved working with Mary Ellen. She guided us with her knowledge and wisdom, which gave us confidence that we were proceeding correctly. She is a great consultant and we will use her for our next child!”